The We Love Low Carb Story!

We Love Low Carb is a company started in 2016 by Hein & Leandi in Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape. They boast an impressive more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the Low Carb world including in health matters, weight loss, nutrition and advice!

Through all the years they have encountered many products. Oh, all the flax seed, egg and coconut breads that flopped! Then they developed the We Love Low Carb range of breads, today encompassing over 30 different products!

The range varies in shape and size from hamburger rolls to wraps, from sliced breads to bagels, pies and samoosas. These products are utterly unique as they are completely free of wheat and sugar! Made only from nuts and seeds (view the product ingredients on our product pages). All products are ketogenic and diabetic friendly and, as a bonus, most of our bread products are also vegan friendly and high in protein.

Having started on local markets with just a small table of products, selling directly to the public, the company quickly grew into an exciting new venture!

5 Years later (and growing ever stronger!), we are proud to say that we now supply to private clients in the whole of South Africa as well as to several overseas countries. We also serve the catering and retail sectors with more and more restaurants, delis, retail outlets, health shops etc. realizing the massive need for healthy, decent quality and sustainable products.

Orders can easily be placed here on our website for anywhere in South Africa. Please make sure you note the cut off times etc. and read our FAQs!

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