• There is no minimum order, but a R150 delivery fee anywhere in South Africa applies. (Deliveries in Cape Town must be over R450, then only R50 delivery fee applies, R100 when you order pies). Free deliveries for orders over R1500.

• Orders must be placed before 17h00 on Saturdays for the following week’s deliveries.

NOTE: You will not be able to complete your order if you do not meet the minimum order requirements.

• Orders placed after the cutoff time might only be processed the following week.
We try our best to accommodate late orders, but it is not always possible – all our products are freshly made to order.

We bake fresh from Saturdays through to Mondays and send all stock out on Mondays.

If everything is on schedule and there are no public holidays or unforeseen issues, you can expect your stock anytime from Monday to Friday.*

CAPE TOWN – Mondays/Tuesdays
WESTERN CAPE – Tuesdays/Thursdays
GAUTENG AND DURBAN – Wednesdays/Fridays
REGIONAL/OUTLYING AREAS – Thursdays and Fridays.

*This is if nothing goes wrong and if we receive your order on time.

• NB ~ All products must be kept frozen once received!

• Our frozen products (Pies) are only available in Cape Town at this stage.

• Please take into account public holidays when ordering. In certain instances, it will not be possible to deliver to outlying/non-main center areas because of courier constraints. For instance, if Monday is a public holiday, we lose a day that week and can not send to certain areas.

Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions, Have A Read-Through, You Might Find Your Answer Here!

If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our products are not gluten free (we also do not advertise it as such). Although, what we use is called Vital Gluten and it is in short, a pure plant-based protein.

A company in Sweden washes/deconstructs the wheat gluten until ALL the starches/FODMAPs/sugars are washed off and only the pure gluten (protein) remains which is then dried out into a yellowish powder, similar to whey protein powder.

We use this to bind instead of eggs. You get many grades of “gluten”, however, the one we use specifically is super high in protein, so it has been proven safe for most of our gluten intolerant/sensitive clients.

We have many clients who are gluten intolerant and have even had a handful celiac be able to use our products, some even current.

We do however suggest you consult your GP first or us if you are celiac and want to try it.
Although we are not doctors or give medical advice, the products definitely do work for a wide range of people with different intolerances/allergies/sensitivities and should definitely be given a chance.

This is truly a unique product.

We also believe FODMAPS (sugar) causes the inflammation, like all sugar does really… and not the gluten (protein) necessarily.


We use a bit of oats as a source to activate the yeast and all that remains of the oats after baking is the oat fibre. This is part of the reason our breads are so low in carbs.

Officially lab tested @ just under 7g carbs/100g. Our products have also been proven to be Keto, Banting & diabetic friendly.

Have a read through our customer reviews on our Facebook page, numerous ones are from clients with diabetes and the oats do not affect them, since only the oat fibre remains.

If you’re a banter, we do not advertise as banting friendly, for technical reasons like this but once again, this is ketogenic bread that can not spike your sugar levels and in other words can not take you out of ketosis… which is essentially what Banting is about.

In fact, We ❤️ Low Carb is one of only a few breads approved by the Banting community and Banting 7 Day Meal Plans.

It most definitely is. This is who we cater for!

Our products do not spike sugar levels, making it a perfect bread replacement for anyone with insulin problems. As a bonus it is also wheat free, vegan friendly, it stores amazingly well (frozen), it toasts wonderfully, but our number one priority is keeping those sugar levels constant.

Normal white bread contains between 25 to 40g carbs per slice (5 to 8 teaspoons sugar)
Rye and Low Gi breads contain about 15- 25g carbs per slice (3 to 5 teaspoons sugar)

Our bread contains 1.2g carbs per slice (not even a quarter teaspoon sugar). So there truly is no comparison.

Bread, Hamburger, Pita, Hotdog, Bagel, Wrap, Pizza  Bases, Mini buns, French loaf, Crumbs, Crackerbread, Pro Keto’s, Keto’s, Sourdough bread, Sourdough Buns, Flour

If you want to become an agent, please register here.

We have agents across South Africa.

If you are interested in redistributing our products the process is pretty straightforward.
You will need a freezer to keep excess stock.

Minimum orders to qualify for “agent prices” are R1400 or (40 mixed units or more) and that also gets you free delivery anywhere in SA.

Orders MUST BE IN before 17h00 on Saturdays for the following week’s deliveries.
All stock is baked and sent fresh on Mondays and usually takes 2-4 working days to be delivered, depending on your location.

From there products must be kept frozen or be sold. All products should be in the freezer by Friday Night. Clients can re-freeze what they buy from you or keep it in the fridge for 7 days or so.

We have specific branding available upon request at additional cost.

You can buy online here.

We have agents in most centres. Please check here if you want to find an agent in your area.

All orders for the week must be in by 17h00 on Saturdays please.

Sundays we process all orders.

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we bake and send fresh so that most people receive their stock between Wednesday and Friday. All stock should be in a Freezer by Friday night. The expiry date on the products is for when you freeze the bread (up to 6 months)
So, in short, order before end Saturday, receive between Wednesday and Friday the following week, depending on your area.

Yes, our bakery products are Halaal. Halaal Certificate 2024

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