Low Carb Sourdough Rolls (4pcs)


Experience the authentic taste and texture of sourdough rolls without the carbs with our wholesome Low Carb Sourdough Rolls! Crafted with our special blend of ingredients, these delicious rolls are packed with flavour and have a lovely, soft texture. Enjoy them warm and toasted with your favorite butter or spread, or serve them alongside your favorite soups and salads. They are also Keto and Vegan friendly!


Weight: 200g
Contents: 4 Sourdough Rolls (Keto Bread)
Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oats, macadamia and / or almonds, vital gluten, salt, erythritol, yeast.
Allergens: Nuts, Gluten, Oats
Storage: Shelf 5 days, Fridge 2 Weeks, frozen 6 months
Instructions To Use: Remove from freezer, defrost, use as you would use any regular bun or take to a restaurant and ask that they use your bun.
Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm x 3cm

Nutrition Facts (per bun):
Calories Per Serving – 177.5cal; Total Carbs – 5.6g; Fiber – 2.1g;
Net Carbs – 3.5g per bun; Total  Protein – 15.7g; Total Fat – 8.7g