Low Carb Cinnamon Buns (4pcs)


Experience the warm and comforting flavours of cinnamon without compromising your dietary goals with our irresistible Low Carb Cinnamon Buns! These soft and fluffy buns are made with our special low-carb dough and generously swirled with cinnamon and some raisins. Enjoy our low carb cinnamon buns warm from the oven for a delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert, add some freshly whipped cream to up your fat intake!


Weight: 240g
Contents: 4 Cinnamon Buns
Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, sesame seeds, oats, macadamia and / or almonds, vital gluten, salt, erythritol, yeast, raisins, mixed Spices
Allergens: Nuts, Gluten, Oats
Storage: Shelf 5 days, Fridge 2 Weeks, frozen 6 months
Instructions To Use: Remove from freezer, defrost or toast. Great with cream cheese or butter.
Dimensions: 14cm x 16cm x 3cm

Nutrition Facts (per bun):
Calories Per Serving – 218; Total Carbs – 8g; Fibre – 2.6g;
Nett Carbs – 5,4g per bun; Total Protein – 16.87g; Total Fat – 10.9g