Low Carb Croissants (4pcs)


Get ready to indulge in the buttery and crispy goodness of croissants with none of the carbs! Our delicious Low Carb Croissants are made with real butter and our special dough that’s light, airy, and melts in your mouth. Enjoy them warm with your favorite jam or butter, or use them to create decadent breakfast sandwiches or desserts. At just over 3g nett carbs, they are perfect for Keto and Banting!


Weight: 240g
Contents: 4 Croissants
Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, sesame seeds, oats, macadamia and / or almonds, vital gluten, butter,  salt, erythritol, yeast
Allergens: Nuts, Gluten, Oats
Storage: Shelf 5 days, Fridge 2 Weeks, frozen 6 months
Instructions To Use: Remove from freezer, enjoy as is or bake/toast in a 160-degree oven, until golden brown and cripsy.
Dimensions: 26cm x 18cm x 7cm

Nutrition Facts (per croissant):
Calories Per Serving – 344; Total Carbs – 6.7g; Fiber – 2.6g;
Net Carbs – 4,1g per croissant; Total Protein – 18.81g; Total Fat – 26.5g